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  • Pilates for MS

    Pilates for MS™ (multiple sclerosis) offers Pilates instructors, fitness professionals, physical therapists, and persons with MS advanced training programs, as well as a comprehensive reference textbook, overviewing exercise for MS and its common symptoms of balance difficulties, ataxia, gait abnormalities, single side weakness, general weakness, spasticity, and bladder and bowel issues. Additionally, the latest research in neuroplasticity is included, with innovative exercises designed to form new neural pathways and bypass central nervous system damage. These exercises are applicable to most neurological conditions, and in many cases, they were selected based on research in stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and traumatic spinal cord injury.

    The courses are run by experts in the field of working with MS. These aren’t teachers who have worked with one or two neurological conditions. Our staff has in-depth experience with MS both personally and professionally.

    The reference book is the same one used in the longer teacher training courses and is the culmination of several years of research into exercise for neurological conditions, as well as anecdotal evidence. All of the exercises included are client tested and results-oriented.

    It is our hope that these programs and offerings will help prevent and treat disability in the grossly underserved population of persons with chronic neurological conditions.

    Consultations for Instructors

    If you are a teacher with a question pertaining to working with a client with a neurological or related condition, please direct your questions to Mariska and Meghann here.

    Meghann is available for private Pilates sessions and consultations in New York City and New Jersey.

    All material on this website and in the accompanying textbook is copyrighted. If you would like to host a course, contact us. If you would like to use portions of the book in a course of your own, contact us to discuss.

    Note that Pilates for MS is not a substitute for care or treatment by a medical professional or physical therapist. If you are a patient, please consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise.