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  • Improving Dizziness with Exercise

    October 6th, 2015 by

    If a client comes to you and says the word “dizzy,” that should be your cue that there is something amiss with either the vestibular system or the nerve pathways that send its information to or from the brain. The vestibular system is one of the three neurological keepers of balance (the other two being Continue Reading..

    Smell, Memory, and Brain Medicine

    August 2nd, 2015 by

    It’s summer, and it never ceases to amaze me how the scent of honeysuckle still stops me in my tracks. It grew rampant in the neighborhood where I grew up, coiling along the bike paths and parks where my sister and I spent all of our days and evenings (until the street lights came on). Continue Reading..

    Understanding and Working with Foot Drop

    May 19th, 2015 by
    photo by Jason Colston

    My foot has fallen and it can’t get up! Foot drop is one of the most common neurological problems. It can happen from damage to the peroneal nerve near the knee as the result of a knee injury or, commonly, a knee surgery gone wrong. Often, a severe nerve injury can’t be fixed, and the Continue Reading..

    What Causes Multiple Sclerosis? Could it Be Different for Everyone?

    May 5th, 2015 by

    “I don’t know why your spasticity is getting worse,” my doctor said. “Your MS is stable. You’re doing everything right.” And I was. I understand how to work with spasticity with exercise, stretching, diet, etc. I know the available medications and what’s on the horizon. “Spasticity treatment” is a long-standing Google alert, and I’ve read Continue Reading..

    “70 Percent of Disability Could Be Prevented”

    July 13th, 2014 by
    Do More

    Recently, I was meeting with my orthotist to try to design plan #43 (at least) to deal with my ankle-that-does-not-move-properly. I asked him how much disability he sees that could have been prevented with early intervention physical therapy. Like, if that person who is post polio or post stroke or who was diagnosed with MS Continue Reading..