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  • Testimonials

    About the Pilates for MS textbook:

    “Written as a supplement to Breland’s multiple sclerosis workshop, this spiral-bound book stands on its own as a valuable source of information. Along with 250-plus exercises accompanied by instructions and color photographs, it provides in-depth coverage on symptoms, treatments, medications and more… Whether you’re teaching students with MS or personally dealing with it, this exceptional guide enlightens in a way many medical professionals can’t or don’t.”

    - Pilates Style magazine review

    “The book is going to be an invaluable resource for MS clients and others, and helpful to continue my learning beyond the 3 day workshop.”

    “I am devouring this book!”

    “I’m very impressed…high quality writing, comprehensive content, great layout and obviously enormous time and effort that’s gone into it.”

    “The Pilates for MS Textbook is amazing!! Thank you so much for all the work that went into this amazing resource! I am beyond excited to have purchased my copy and already it is helping me to better direct the work with my clients that have neurological struggles.” 

    “Your book is a cherished reference for Pilates instructors that will bring hope and improvement to people with MS and neurological disorders.”

    About the Pilates for MS and Neurological Conditions Course:

    “This was hands down one of the most interesting and well organized courses I have taken. Albert Einstein said, ‘if you can’t explain it simply than you don’t really understand it.’ Mariska is remarkable in her organization and explanation of the complex subject of MS and other neurological conditions.  She’s funny too.”

    This course provides easy to use tools for instructors and hope for our clients. I have enjoyed using [the] material to see drastic improvements in my clients’ physical and mental wellbeing. My clients have quickly gained strength, positive changes in gait and balance stabilization, less fatigue and more cheerful disposition. Just one example of many, is my client who walked in with a cane after struggling to do other exercise. After one session with Mariskas method, she was able to walk out without her cane giggling and so encouraged, feeling so much more ‘normal’.”

    “The course information is really clearly presented. Mariska takes MS info that could be complicated and breaks it down to keep it simple and understandable.”

    “What is impressive to me is [Mariska's] ability to narrow down and make relevant to Pilates instructors a vast and complex subject. The relevancy goes beyond clients with MS or other neurological disorders. This materials is good for any instructor who wants to challenge not only the bodies, but also the brains of their clients! Thank you!”

    “The first course I have ever taken where I was not bored – not for one minute!”

    “Mariska has organized a very complex topic into a very interesting and engaging training. The material is applicable to all our clients. We have been using some of it this week and they are enjoying working out their brain as much as their body!!”

    About the Neuroscience and Exercise Workshop:

    “Learning about Neuroplasticity and how physical exercise can help rewire and heal the brain was fascinating! I feel much more confident to work with not only my client who has MS but also my clients who suffer from other neurological disorders as a result of Parkinsons and Strokes.You really do see the quality of people’s movement and strength change which then gives them confidence and belief in themselves. It has been very rewarding work!” 

    “The complex information is presented in a clear and accessible manner. I feel much more confident working with clients with neurological challenges. Additionally, the knowledge gained regarding how the brain processes information, is easily transferable to all students, making this workshop even more valuable.”

    “As a PT specializing in working with neurological conditions, I can tell you Mariska explained neuroplasticity in 3 hours better than my professors did in a semester.”

    “Mariska has so much knowledge and experience to share, this workshop was fascinating and informative. It was like reading a good book that I couldn’t put down, I was completely glued to it to the end.” 


    Note that Pilates for MS is not a substitute for care or treatment by a medical professional or physical therapist. If you are a patient, please consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise.