Analysis of the Dragon Bonus Baccarat Game

How to Play the Dragon Bonus Version of Baccarat

You can’t seem to settle on a good bonus bet baccarat table to play? This fantastic alternative, developed by renowned software studio SG Digital, may be just what the doctor ordered. Everything you love about baccarat is here, plus the chance to win large on bonus side bets, in Dragon Bonus Baccarat.

The game’s design is on par with what players have come to expect from SG Digital. In this comprehensive review of the Dragon Bonus Baccarat game, you’ll learn all you need to know to start playing this exciting casino favorite.

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The Game’s Layout

Visual Appeal and Ease of Use

Dragon Bonus Baccarat goes for a more authentic feel, and the results are superb graphics and sound that transport players to the baccarat tables of Las Vegas. The betting arrangement is intuitive, which is fitting given that a manageable betting strategy is important to baccarat.

All of the wagers are easy to see and understand, and the interface is straightforward.

While the realistic table is a wonderful touch, there is a possibility that all the extras may make it difficult to see the action. If the developer had hidden the rounds played from view entirely behind a button, we don’t think this would be an issue.

Situation in Play

Similar to traditional baccarat, Dragon Bonus Baccarat is played with a shoe of eight normal 52-card decks (no jokers).

There is a plethora of information available to players thanks to the paytable and regulations of the game.

Players can anticipate the following percentages of return:

Bets made by player amounted to 98.76 percent.

In a 98.94% banker’s bet

Near-tie (85.64%)

97.35% Bonus Payout on Dragon Bets

Banking bonus dragon 90.63%

Inherent Characteristics

The addition of the dragon side bet inspired the creation of this Baccarat variation. This wager is an optional extra that players can make in the hopes of obtaining a larger payout (a jackpot, if you will).

If the hand bet wins on a natural eight or nine, or if the hand bet wins by a significant margin by four and nine, then the bonus bet wins.

Payouts for these optional wagers are as follows:

Any other way to win by nine points (pays 30:1)

Over the odds victory by eight points (10:1)

Over the odds victory by seven points (pays 6:1)

Loss by more than five (pays 2 to 1)

The unnatural five-point triumph (pays 2 to 1)

Any other type of win by four points (pays 1:1)

All-natural triumph (1-to-1)

A push if there’s a natural tie.

What We Think of Dragon Bonus Baccarat

Baccarat’s accessibility has made it a fan-favorite among gamblers for decades. Even if some players become tired of the same old betting options, this version aims to remedy that, and SG Digital has done a wonderful job overall of broadening the game’s basic nature.

The game’s visuals are fantastic, and we appreciated the thorough explanation of the rules and payouts. The most rudimentary betting interfaces work great on mobile devices.

The dragon bonus bets are a fun and potentially lucrative way to play. The odds of success in these extra wagers are significantly lower than in the main game. It will take a lot of luck to pull off one of these massive victories.

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